Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fabric delays

After a few long, go no-where emails to my printer they've emailed me to say that the first batch of fabric turned out with defects and needs to be reprinted after 've made some minor adjustments. I've become pretty disenchanted with them so I cut my losses and am now using another company. I think the biggest dissapointment is not in that I've been let down but that the process is now back at the beginning until this is sorted out.

I hope everyone will please continue to follow the progress of Kawaii Lime designs, I am very sorry for this set back!


Monday, July 30, 2012

Chiffon Vs Cotton: The logistics

So I've gotten final figures for the cost of printing Chiffon vs printing Cotton. and while there seems to be more desire for a chiffon print it's a bit more complicated than printing on cotton.

Right now I have two suppliers willing to print on a sheer polyester chiffon, one is able to do any quantity for the base price of $30 a metre. Considering that a skirt would use 2-3 metres alone that's between $40-$60 and then I'll need to add on the fabric which goes underneath, again 2-3 metres. Which, plain printed, is only about $10. Looking at the minimal amounts at the best price possible ( 2 metres a skirt with $10 under skirt) I'm looking at $60 a skirt in materials. This does not include the lace, buttons, making time and etc. which essentially is means the skirts are most likely going to be around the $100-$120+ mark w/o markup. That seems...The aim of Kawaii Lime is to be both reasonable and fashionable and I've expressed often enough that indie brands, in order to stand a chance, should be cheaper than brand, and a $120 skirt is sort of there but also just over IMO.

The other option I have is printing 36 metres of chiffon and getting it for only $20, but 36 metres is...a lot. Admittedly it isn't limited to only one colourway so I can seperate it into 4 lots and get 9 metres per colour and make  4 skirts in each different size per colour, but without reserves and such I could be left with  a lot of fabric I don't want after a large investment. There's an option to have it at $25 a metre instead plus $30 set up fee for any amount which is promising but working it out,

4 2m skirts (1 colour way each) = 8m fabrc at $25 + $30 set up fee = $230 / 4 = $57.50 per skirt.

That's not AS bad until you remember we need another 2 metres of fabric to go underneath. SO

(8 x $10 (2m underksirt fabric) = 80 + $230 of chiffon = $310 / 4 = $77 per skirt not yet including buttons, lace + sewing together, which could be up an an additional $70. THIS IS FOR A 2 METRE SKIRT. MOST LIKELY IT WOULD BE HIGHER. If we change the figure to a much more likely 3metres per skirt it becomes $112 a skirt in materials alone without lace, sewing, buttons, zippers etc. which would most likely add an extra $50+ on

Let's compare that to cotton.

No matter where I look 100% cotton based fabric is $20 flat rate. So 2-3 metres is still $40-$60, unless I go with spoonflower who are having 20% off printing over 2 metres of your own fabric, so if I did it THAT way it's only $36-$48 for the printed fabric. Lining is also $10 a metre so once again we're back at that magic $80-$90 digit for a 2 metre skirt and $90 for a larger sized skirt without buttons and sewing and lace which would almost undoubtedly bring it up by at least another $50+.

SO! Essentially going with cotton will work out to be $22 cheaper per skirt, in the long run it saves me a lot; especially when there's not a lot of interest right now. I'm thinking I'll create two samples first and formost and then see how we go from there.

Putting this up here both for myself and also because, if there any other lolitas looking to try this out themselves, you need to be aware of costs in a mass scale, which I most certainly wasn't!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Sizing Confirmation

It appears that, all things going well with my current contacts, Kawaii Lime Designs will be using Australian sizing for its fittings. I'm still chasing up custom sizes but will be bringing it up in the next email or two as a possibility. For now here's a conversion chart for you all to see how things 'size up'

A show of hands for popular sizing would be great!

As always, thanks everyone for supporting me and my designs!

Official intro post and updates

Hello! Well, I hope you all found your way here from the other mediums.

Welcome to Kawaii Lime design's offical website/blog where you can all the latest updates, contact, store and promotions information. Currently there's a lot of my plate setting up the 'Brand', however this is the space to be watching! To those interested Here's what's currently going on in the world of Kawaii Lime

  • Currently in talk with several manufactuers re: both print and garment creation
  • Reviewing options of separate fabric printing and garment creation
  • Considering the minimum requirments needed for most store looking at options for a jsk & op design
  • Possible design contest for the jsk and op
  • International model search?
  • Still enquiring about collaborative efforts between others to create unique jewellery and accessories.
Most recently I'm waiting to here back from a Sydney company but it's looking like I may have to go the spoonflower option if all else fails. HOWEVER!


I can get as many quotes as I want however what's most important to me right now is the material people are after! I would most like be using a natural cotton or a polyester chiffon so I really do need more votes on this subject.

There also haven't been any takers on the reserves. I'll be posting reserve on the sales community later this evening and most likely again in a few months when material and other jsk/op options are closed or expanded but I still need to know some more concrete numbers.

Thank you everyone for supprting me though this and I hope I can hear from you all soon!